Care and Cleaning of Plated Jewelry

CARE: If you follow these easy care instructions, your Gold, Silver or Rhodium Plated Jewels will last a lifetime. To keep the GOLD high polish finish and rich gold look is essential to keep this gold dry at all time. Do not wear the gold in sweaty conditions, e.g. while exercising, pools, avoid contact with perfume.

Cleaning: Gold Plated: Clean with a soft dam cloth them dry immediately. Don’t use cleaning products or detergents. Silver Plated: As with pure silver it will tarnish. I may lose luster and look gray or even copper. This is normal tarnish. Do not store in plastic bags. Store it in soft jewelry cloths. To restore the piece use a tarnish remover cloth or Tarn-X.

Do not abrasives

January 25, 2014
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